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Sexe : Femme
Âge : 20
Vit en : Hongrie
안녕하세요 제 이름은 Bogi예요. 저는 헝가리 사람하고 대학생이에요. 제 취미는 춤과 음악 감상이에요. I also love cats and watching series. 3 I m a first year uni student majoring in Korean so my vocabulary isn t s...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 16
Vit en : Pologne
My name is Isia and I m a potato. I was born in 2001. I m a freshman at highschool. I study mathematics, geography and English at advanced level I can t speak English very well xd I also know a little...
Sexe : Homme
Âge : 15
Vit en : Australie
Hey guys my name is Nicholas, I m 15 years old and I just want to make friends with people all around the world. Feel free to message ...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 28
Vit en : Japon
안녕하세요. K pop을 들으면서 한국어를 공부하고 싶다고 생각했습니다 독학으로 공부하기 시작한지 ​​얼마 만, 언젠가 한국에 여행에 갔을 때 스스로 한국어를 이야기 해보고 싶다고 ...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 19
Vit en : Belge
Hi everyoneMy name is Char and I m 19 years old. I m Belgian so I live in. BelgiumI study Occupational therapy You surely don t know what it is haha .I speak french it s my native language ,english ...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 36
Vit en : Turquie
Hi. I m G l. I m a teacher working at a secondary school. I want to improve my Engl sh with you using hipenpal. Thank yo...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 29
Vit en : Japon
初めまして 日本に住んでいます 29歳のmocoです 趣味は 韓国ドラマを見ることです ほぼ毎日のように韓国ドラマを見ています 韓国語の勉強は最近始めました .まだ韓国語で文章を送る...
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