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Sexe : Femme
Âge : 17
Vit en : Corée du Sud
Hiii everybodyI m Ji Jeong from South Korea and really interested in meeting new people around the world I m currently learning German I ve been learning English since I was like 8 but my English is s...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 35
Vit en : Japon
こんにちわ 韓国のドラマが大好きで 韓国語にも興味を持ちました 英語圏の方とも友達になってみたいです 韓国語はまだ全然わかりません が 勉強がんばります よろしくおねがいし...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 21
Vit en : Philippines
Hi Nice to meet you. Let s be friends 만나서 반가워요 잘 부탁해요 우리 친구하자 I want to meet a diverse of friends in here, either a friend or something haha. Let s contact each other in or talk if you want. Let s con...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 27
Vit en : Autres
Hola I hope u r all doing fine. Again account activation bcs i can t stay away from here more than a couple days First of all thank u for visiting my penpal page. I m very excited to being here for cu...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 21
Vit en : Royaume-Uni
Hi, I m Namiya and I m 20 years old. I want to make new friends, particularly from Korea or Japan, but anyone is welcomeI love watching anime and drawing manga. I also listen to different genre of mus...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 36
Vit en : Japon
こんにちは 私は旅行が好きで 海外に興味があります 日常の話から趣味やお互いの国の話など いろんな話ができる友人を探しています 趣味は旅行 手紙 読書です 韓国語は少しなら可能...
Sexe : Homme
Âge : 29
Vit en : Japon
안녕하세요 처음뵙겠습니다 제 이름이 욱연이에요 저는 7년간 독학으로 한국어를 배웠어요하지만 지금이나 부족하는부분이 많이 있거든요 그런데 공부하는게 싫어서 전화하면서 서로 ...
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