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Sexe : Femme
Âge : 20
Vit en : Turquie
Hi everyone. My name is Asl .I m from Turkey. I live in Istanbul. I m studying international trade so I Iearn Korean. I can play piano. I love travelling and listening to music. Please do not hesitat...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 21
Vit en : Turquie
Hi everyone I am Irem from TurkeyI am 20 years olduniversity studentI like reading bookswriting poemswatching moviesI am interested in Asian culture and i wanna make friends Please send me messa...
Sexe : Homme
Âge : 29
Vit en : Russie
Hello peopleMy name is Alexander. I m from Russia. I have a family, daughter or wife. Working as a massage therapist, I like to communicate. I m interested in everything. I never had any pen pals. I m...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 25
Vit en : Pologne
HelloMy name is Anna and I m from Poland. I m here to meet some new friend and learn about different cultures. I speak English, Polish and a little bit of French. I would love to learn Japanese and Ko...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 17
Vit en : Pologne
HelloI looking for friends. My name is Alexandra I like to read books and listen to music. I like K pop and K drama. I love Asia. I have ,and talk. Write to m...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 31
Vit en : Japon
안녕하세요 こんにちは 私は86年生まれの日本人です 韓国が大好きで食や文化に凄く興味があります 特に韓国映画が大好きでよく映画を観ています 韓国語を勉強したいと思い友達が欲...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 20
Vit en : France
Hiii, my name is Coralie, I m a 20 year old french student. I would like to make friends. I m mainly looking for people of my age or with a few years of difference to discuss. I want to learn lots of ...
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