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Sexe : Femme
Âge : 36
Vit en : Turquie
Hi. I m G l. I m a teacher working at a secondary school. I want to improve my Engl sh with you using hipenpal. Thank yo...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 29
Vit en : Japon
初めまして 日本に住んでいます 29歳のmocoです 趣味は 韓国ドラマを見ることです ほぼ毎日のように韓国ドラマを見ています 韓国語の勉強は最近始めました .まだ韓国語で文章を送る...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 35
Vit en : Pologne
Hello. I m Justyna from Poland. I would like to talk to the people from other countries especially Spain, the United Kingdom and Japan ,to learn about foreign cultures and to make friends if possible...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 30
Vit en : Pologne
HiMy name is AgnieszkaI m come from PolandI d like to learn japanese and koreanBesides I want to find friends who can talk with meI m interesting of Asian culture especially South Korea and JapanI wan...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 29
Vit en : Corée du Sud
Hello I am from Korea There are various kinds of hobbies Taking a walk And I like taking pictures of scenery I am interested in other cultures If are curious about me, Please give me a messa...
Sexe : Femme
Âge : 22
Vit en : Etats-Unis d'Amérique
Hi there, my name is Erika & I m half american, half filipino. I currently live in North Carolina. I am 22 years old and I work as a barista and go to college. I like to travel and try new things. I a...
Sexe : Homme
Âge : 23
Vit en : Corée du Sud
はじめまして こんにちは 日本を大好きな韓國人です 幼い時代ジブリ映画を見るようになった後日本に対する関心を持つようになりました その時代から日本に対する関心を持つように...
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